Sloan Museum

About Sloan Museum

Courtland Center Mall location: 4190 E. Court St. Burton, MI 48509

Sloan Museum in the Flint Cultural Center is closed for renovation and will remain open at Courtland Center Mall throughout the project. The new temporary location offers hands-on traveling science and history exhibits, an exhibit of over 30 historic vehicles from Flint & Genesee County history, and a play area for families. Admission is free for Genesee County residents, thanks to funding from the Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage. Sloan Museum also presents a variety of events for all ages at Courtland Center Mall, and hosts field trips for schools and community groups.

Sloan Museum holds a diverse collection of over 400,000 artifacts from Flint & Genesee County history. Together with Longway Planetarium, the organization serves over 60,000 schoolchildren each year with field trips and outreach programs on science and history topics.

History of Sloan Museum

Sloan Museum’s collections trace their history to the Genesee County Historical Society’s origins in the 1860s. In 1920 when the Historical Society disbanded, the collections were turned over to the Flint Board of Education. When the Historical Society reorganized in 1946, the collections were returned and the Society moved its exhibits to the Genesee County Court House. The Society then sought a permanent historical museum.

In 1952, the greater Flint community began planning for a College and Cultural Center. Funds were secured to build seven independent cultural facilities in a park-like setting east of downtown Flint. Two museums were planned for the new Cultural Center – a transportation museum and a local history museum. Due to the prohibitive costs of separate museums, campaign leaders decided to combine the two themes in a single facility. The Genesee County Historical Society donated its collections to the new museum, named for longtime President and Chairman of the Board of General Motors, Alfred P. Sloan, an early donor to the Cultural Center project. The Alfred P. Sloan Museum opened in 1966.